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Practicing spiritual and physical wellness in 2019

Monsignor Brian Moore moved into Manor of the Plains last summer and has continued to move ever since.

“I walk for half an hour with a pair of weights, and I have a number of lower back, shoulder exercises, etc. to keep things limbered up. I do these seven days a week,” said Monsignor Moore.

Physical wellness is simply part of his daily routine along with spiritual wellness.

“Spiritual and wellness goals complement each other. We are both physical and spiritual beings, and we need both physical and spiritual exercise to prepare ourselves for any situation. I take time for physical exercise because the body needs help. And for spiritual exercise, St. Timothy said to Paul, ‘If physical exercise is good, spiritual exercise is even better,’” said Monsignor.

Monsignor Moore is a Catholic priest who was ordained for the diocese in Dodge City. His move to Manor of the Plains was a great fit for him in several ways.

“I retired several years ago and was looking for the right place to live in retirement, and this seemed like the best option. It’s a Christian place and supports religious values and people of faith,” said Monsignor.

While making resolutions is a popular thing to do this time of year, Monsignor Moore prefers to think of his spiritual and physical wellness as on-going goals.

“I don’t especially make resolutions. I just continue to try to fit in where I am and keep active in the church, which I do. It’s more like keeping on with that. I don’t have any specific goals – there are things I want to read but it’s more like I try to respond to the situations as they develop rather than come at it with a whole program on my own.”

For those of you who are resolving to improve your spiritual or physical wellness in the new year, Monsignor gives this advice: “It’s never too late to start. It’s never too late to keep working.”

PHOTOS: Lana Dirks and Karen Ring (left) enjoy mass performed by Monsignor Brian Moore every Tuesday in the Community Room. Monsignor Moore (right) walks the halls at Manor of the Plains as a physical discipline to complement his spiritual disciplines.

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