PATH® Steps to Admission

PATH® Steps to Admission

Find Out What You Need to Know

To secure admission, contact your hospital social worker and let them know that you have selected Manor of the Plains for your rehabilitation stay. The social worker will contact us on your behalf to check availability and start the admissions process.

Our PATH® team reviews medical and treatment information to assess whether all patients referred to our program are an appropriate admission to PATH®. When possible, a nurse visits the patient while they are still in the hospital. During the review, the following information is gathered:

  • Diagnosis
  • Prognosis
  • Prior level of function
  • Support system
  • Attitude toward recovery
  • Medical stability
  • Ability to tolerate intensity of care

From there, the social worker will guide you through hospital discharge and arrangements to be admitted to PATH® rehabilitation.

Preparing for Your Stay

We recommend gathering several key items before your scheduled hospital procedure or having a loved one gather them during your hospital stay. Download our packing checklist of recommended items to include.

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