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Doug ‘Geppetto’ Schaapveld continues to work his magic for residents, staff

Environmental Services Technician Doug Schaapveld with the shelf he built for the community.

If you can imagine it—and it can be made out of wood—Doug Schaapveld can bring it to life. For 16 years, the environmental services technician has been hand-crafting custom wood creations to meet virtually any need that has popped up within the community. Last year, Doug built a new altar for residents to use during church services and recently he created a shelf to hold the machine needed to take the temperatures of residents and staff members.  

“When there’s any kind of wood project around here, I can pretty much do it,” said Doug.

In fact, the community has been benefiting from Doug’s talents since before he ever even came on staff.

“When this place was being built, I worked in the wood working shop that made the cabinetry, so I actually get to see my work finished—and that doesn’t happen very often,” said Doug.

Doug’s interest in wood working began at an early age, and over the years he has honed his skills through his education and plenty of hands-on experience.

“When I was a kid, I was always doing stuff,” said Doug. “Then, when I got to high school, I took woodworking classes, and after high school I worked in a shop for 25 years, so I’m starting to get the hang of it!”

However, after all of that time, Doug is still excited by the creative process.

“Part of it is taking a rough piece of wood and working it, sanding it, varnishing it and making something out of nothing,” said Doug.

As for what’s next, Doug is gearing up for a total remodel of his home basement. And while the plans are still not yet complete, there is one detail of the remodel Doug feels confident about. “I’m sure there will end up being a bar down there.”

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