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Why we love living at the Manor!

NAME: Donna Imel

Years at the Manor: Since July 2017

In 2017, my husband Bus’ health started to decline. We had lived in our home for over 50 years, but we knew it was time to move to the Manor.

Things just kind of fell into place and we moved into Independent Living. We enjoyed getting to know the residents and staff. Eighteen months later, Bus passed away. The residents and staff surrounded me with love and support. I was so thankful to have every one of them visit me.

Then COVID hit and we relied on the staff to get us through it. It was a difficult time, but we found ways to stay positive and support one another. This year, I was hospitalized and had a fall. Again, another outpouring of love. I feel so blessed and thankful that I live at Manor of the Plains. If I had been at home, I would never have known such love.

NAME: Sandra Schartz

Years at the Manor: Going on 6

In the almost six years of living at Manor of the Plains in Dodge City, I have found friends, safety and happiness. As I grow older, I have discovered these three things are very important. My family is close and have been welcomed as I have. I recommend Manor of the Plains to all elders.

Hope to see you soon!

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