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Watering project earns Boy Scout top honor

An innovative watering system created for the community’s recently rebuilt garden beds has resulted in a local Boy Scout receiving the organization’s highest rank of Eagle Scout.

The watering system, created by Allen Richter, was the final piece needed to complete the beds that were rebuilt last spring by Girl Scout Misty Cole—whose dad also happened to be Allen’s troop leader.

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to do and then one day Misty’s dad said, ‘hey, there’s this project someone can do’ and it just popped up at the right time,” said Allen.

Allen’s design for the project consisted of running pipes from overhead beams that led to small spickets and watering nozzles below—a system he worked on with Val Henson, a plumber for the community.

“We did a lot of planning ahead of time so that I could just show up, work it out and get it done,” said Allen. “COVID made it a little bit harder because we couldn’t have everyone show up all on one day and bust it out, we had to work a little more slowly in small groups to get it done.”

While the project may have taken Allen longer than expected, he appreciated the opportunity it provided him to connect with a few of the community’s residents.

“I got to hang out with some of the residents who were outside gardening,” said Allen. “It was fun just getting a chance to talk to them and listen to their stories.”

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a tradition in Allen’s family with his dad and all five of his uncles also obtaining the prestigious rank. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Allen’s family has yet to be able to celebrate the achievement together.

“My grandparents want to be at the ceremony and they haven’t been able to because of the risk of COVID,” said Allen. “I am the first grandchild who has gotten this.”

Now, with his scouting days behind him, Allen is attending Wichita State University majoring in mechanical engineering.

The watering system uses a overhead beams and pipes to get the water to the different raised beds. COVID made bringing a larger group together to knock the project out impossible. However, smaller groups worked on the project over several visits to the campus to complete the watering system.

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