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Wacky Walkers Coffee Bunch makes a pit stop at Manor of the Plains

Donna Penner, Donna Imel, Doll Yunker and Shirley Richardson have been walking together for more than a decade. The group started out walking outside, but over the past few years they have been meeting with other seniors at the mall. After each walk, the group continues the camaraderie going with coffee at the senior center. Recently, members of the group thought it would be fun to host the coffee at Manor of the Plains and our sales and marketing director Joy Wiggins, made cinnamon rolls as an added bonus.  
“It was so fun getting to have our friends come here to meet Joy, Tammy Thompson, our executive director; Kim Durler, our accounting assistant; Lizbeth Ontiveros in human resources and Clara Contreras, our life enrichment director,” said Donna Imel.
Conversation during the event touched on several different topics after two pots of coffee and doing damage to the pan of cinnamon rolls. It was decided that we would do this again. Non-Manor of the Plains members of the Wacky Walker Bunch present included Norma Hinton, Nadine Tuxhorn, Mary Stukenholtz, Jo Austen and Deloris Blackburn.

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