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Earlier this year, our community saw a need for making access to our healthcare center easier for visitors. Today, those visitors are greeted with a smile and helping hand.

“Many of our visitors find it confusing and intimidating to find, know and punch in the key code to unlock the doors entering the healthcare area. By us having greeters in the area, we can leave the secure doors unlocked and open for easy visitor access,” said Michael Rajewski, executive director.

Every weeknight from 5 to 7 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, eight residents divide their time into shifts to ensure the service is provided consistently.

“The volunteers are very proud to be able to provide a meaningful contribution to the Manor of the Plains community,” said Michael.

Get to know some of the residents currently volunteering as a greeter and why they enjoy this new role:

Jack Honnold – “My wife (Jean) and I work on Sundays. We enjoy seeing other people. It’s also something else for us to do. Jean was on the radio and TV for a quite a few years and a lot of people who come know her.”

Donna Imel – “I’ve got time and need to do something. I’ve enjoyed being a greeter because I’ve met people, and I like to visit with people. I also like to help them if they need to know where to go.”

Donna Penner – “I’m a greeter on Tuesdays and enjoy seeing people come in to see their relatives or visit with someone they know.”

Whether it’s as a greeter or helping around the community in another way, more volunteers are always welcome.

“Some volunteers help with resident activities. Others serve on a chapel/worship committee for regular services. Another volunteer makes banana bread every week for all the residents to enjoy. Others assist the office staff as needed. The volunteer possibilities are endless!” said Michael.

If you’re interested in finding a volunteer opportunity that’s right for you, contact Jacque Soltero, life enrichment director and activity coordinator.

Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 7-13 – Thank you, volunteers, for all that you do for us! We appreciate you!

PHOTO: Meet our greeters: Front row – left to right: Jane Tyler, Jean Honnold; Back row – left to right: Donna Penner, Shirley Ballard, Donna Imel, Shirley Richardson and Jack Honnold. Not pictured is Wanda Culver.

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