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Soltero makes it happen!

When thinking about who the community is thankful for this year, Jacque Soltero is at the top of the list.

The inventor of the Mystery Bus Tours, Jacque always thinks positive and comes out of all situations having a great time. And she always has great stories to tell.

She worked for months to put together a Hollywood-themed event for Older Americans Month in May. Jacque went as far as borrowing beautiful gowns and had volunteers help dress everyone like movie stars for the event. She even had an actual red carpet running down the hallways to the banquet and everyone in attendance went home with a trophy.

Recently, she took a busload of seniors to the Senior Olympics, held in Cimarron.

Jacque is a true team player. You can see her many evenings working the CMA position in health care passing out medications and she will even provide one-on-one care.

One of her most memorable road trips was when she took a bus of residents to Abilene to the Eisenhower Museum, and on her way back, the bus overheated, leaving everyone stranded in Salina on one of the hottest days of the summer. To fix the situation, Jacque stopped at a truck stop and was able to get all the residents into the building while everyone worked together to get them home.

“Thankful” has to be spelled “Jacque,” because it doesn't matter what she is asked to do, it is always mission accomplished.

Jacque is truly a reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. She is a tremendous asset to Manor of the Plains and just keeps on giving.

Others are thankful for Jacque’s contributions to the community, too:

“Jacque is a vital member of our team as she knows the residents very well and provides valuable information in caring for their needs,” said Kurt Lampe, marketing director. “She involves volunteers and community groups to come in and help entertain the residents. She works extra as a CMA, CNA, and is one of our bus drivers as well. She is a valuable member of our care plan team, risk and safety/EPP committee as well. A past recipient of the Kansas Activity Director Association Activity Director of the Year Award, the Mystery Bus Tour she initiated was voted Activity of the Year in 2014 and is still the most popular activity the resident’s look forward to. She looks for new activities and themes to use for special events and there is always something going on to keep the residents busy.”

Joy Wiggins, social services director, said, “It is amazing how Jacque can find new ways to make activities exciting and fun for our residents. How is that?”

Jane Tyler, health care resident, said, “Jacque makes life more pleasant, plans amazing trips and super fun events that are always very enjoyable, such as the recent Hollywood-themed banquet.”

PHOTOS: collage (top) from left to right - Jacque hits the red carpet at the spring’s Hollywood-themed event celebrating Older Americans Month; Jacque, Sedley Hall and their catch of the day from a resident fishing trip; Jacque goes for the win in the wacky trike races during Dodge City Days; Jacque conquers Coronado Heights during a Mystery Trip.

The solar eclipse gave Jacque a good reason to wear some new shades.

Jacque and Chris Kephart enjoyed a Mystery Trip to Beaver, Oklahoma, the cow chip throwing capital of the world.

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