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Residents share “no complaining” key to surviving tough times

After living through the Covid-19 pandemic the past four months, two residents share a key theme for surviving hard times.

“I just can’t complain,” said Donna Imel, an independent living resident. “We are holding up well. If we weren’t here, we’d be having to try to fend for ourselves out there. And that’s not good. We have a nice place to live.”

Staying somewhat connected from a safe distance has helped Donna keep a positive attitude.

“Three months is a long time to go without seeing anyone. My daughter and her husband meet me on the patio. We wear masks and stay six feet apart. We’re not locked in, so we also see all the residents. There are several of us that walk outside. We wear masks. And some of us eat together six feet apart on TV trays,” said Donna.

She has also had extra time to spend on her hobbies.

“I’m a reader and do a lot of reading. And a little crochet,” said Donna.

Despite all of our best efforts to keep our community safe during the pandemic, we did have a resident in our community test positive for Covid-19. When asked about her experience, she didn’t have one complaint. In an effort to be sensitive to her identity, we aren’t sharing her name, but we are sharing her incredible attitude.

While she was quarantined away from the community she shared, “Those nurses were so nice. When I needed anything, they weren’t fooling around. They got what I needed. Any time they came in, they put on their boots, their jackets, everything. I really kind of hated to leave to go back to my room!”

When she returned to her room after her recovery she shared, “They really put on a nice welcome party for me. They decorated everything. Wherever I went there were signs, there were flowers, there was just a big, big welcome party. All the nurses they could get, Mr. John Van Hook and residents had signs. It was just wonderful. It made me feel important.”

All of our residents, staff, volunteers and families are important to us! We appreciate the positive attitudes as we work to keep Manor of the Plains safe for all of us.

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