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'Mr. and Mrs. Clean'

Housekeeping couple become a fast favorite of residents

In honor of International Housekeepers Week, celebrated every September, we highlight two new members of our Environmental Services team who exemplify the reason the International Executive Housekeepers Association established this observance: “The true heroes of any building operation, cleaning employees have one of the toughest jobs in a building, but also one of the most important.”

Suzanne Blea loves a clean house. It doesn’t matter if it’s hers or not. So when she went looking for a career change earlier this year, she decided to give housekeeping a try for the first time.

A few weeks later, her husband followed suit. Now, Clarence and Suzanne are already well-known  around Manor of the Plains for their cheerful personalities and their dedication to a job well done.

“I love it; it’s fun. I enjoy the people I work with,” Suzanne said. Marketing Director Kurt Lampe took notice of Suzanne when she started work in the spring because of her energetic approach. “She came in on a mission; she was power washing everything,” Kurt said. Then, when Clarence came on staff about six weeks later, Kurt couldn’t resist nicknaming the couple “Mr. and Mrs. Clean” (although, he points out, Clarence is anything but bald like the advertising icon, with long hair well past his shoulders.)

Clarence had been working in a lumber yard when Suzanne started her new job. However, they met working at Jimmy John’s sandwich shop, where Suzanne was Clarence’s manager. They married two years ago.

Suzanne seemed so happy at Manor of the Plains, and the housekeeping staff still had vacancies. They were used to working together, Clarence said, so he applied, too.

“I love being around her,” he said. “I knew she was pretty happy with this job. I’m a pretty social person. I like talking to the elderly and helping people.” Before long, the accolades began rolling in, said Scott Stevens, director of environmental services. He said it’s not often that members of his staff receive so much good feedback from the start, including several Bravo submissions.

“The rapport they have makes the residents comfortable, so that they don’t feel they’re being intruded on,” Scott said. “They learn what the residents like and what their needs are.”

We appreciate the hard work of our entire environmental services team to keep our surroundings clean, tidy and running smoothly!

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