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Meet ‘Pete’

James “Pete” Carmichael is Manor of the Plains’ newest Independent Living resident.

A lifelong resident of Dodge City, Pete proudly says, “I know about everyone that lives here.”  

Pete’s only departure from Dodge City came during the six years he spent in the Navy. While there, Pete was educated in machinery. After being discharged, he returned to Dodge City to teach shop class and work at Speed King, where he manufactured agriculture machinery. After retirement, Pete had his own machine shop and was usually found tinkering with a project or two for himself, friends or family.  

Recently Pete has been occupying himself researching Carmichael family history.  

“I stay busy with research as I am writing a book,” said Pete.

Some of Pete’s family history was featured in The Legend magazine including an article on his great-grandmother and a photo of his great-grandfather C.L. Carmichael dated 1905.  

Pete is the proud owner of “Hidden Valley Ranch,” a pasture with hills, a valley and a spring-fed pond that has been passed down through the generations since it was homesteaded in 1888 by his great-grandparents.

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