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Manor of the Plains, home sweet home

By Kurt Lampe, marketing director

I love coming to work!

It's not just a job; it's a career! I had no idea eight years ago that I would be working at a senior living community. I had been down with a staph infection for several months and saw the ad in the local newspaper. Long story short, I have been here seven plus years.

Every day is a new day. Someone always has something that they are working through and just needs a little help. I am always happy to assist—the people are what make my job.

I have a very large family here. Yes, I call them all family, because they are my family, and I care for them as much as they care for me. My wife always makes the comment that I have over 80 girlfriends. The bonus is she is absolutely OK with it. Nadine Lampe, my wife of 31 years, has always encouraged me at whatever I do, but she feels that I have found my perfect calling!

I have been involved with the residents in about every scenario, taking someone to Hobby Lobby, to a funeral and everything in between.

Probably the best part of my career is the appreciation I receive from the residents. They are the reason that I come to work every day.

It's not always easy. I do get attached to the residents, but I have been involved in some of the most rewarding experiences during their passing. I actually become one of the family and am there for them through the complete process.

I lost one of my greats last September and have actually been grieving ever since. When I would come in on Monday mornings, she would be there in the lobby greeting me with the biggest smile, saying, “I knew you would be back.” She always said, “Weekends are the longest because you are gone.” I always reassured her that she was always in my heart and was only a phone call away.

Presbyterian Manor is my life. It has not always been easy. I would take everyone, but I do know that we cannot always meet everyone's needs—some need more specialized care or services that we do not provide, but they can be assured of one thing, I will try to make it work with every single one of the seniors who inquire at Presbyterian Manor.

Manor of the Plains, my home!

Kurt Lampe loves to snap selfies with residents. Here he is shown with Lydia Oringderff, Dorlene Steele, and Barbara Miller.

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