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Manor of the Plains announces Art is Ageless® 2018 winners

Manor of the Plains recently hosted a reception for the winning artists in the annual Art is Ageless® juried competition.

“We are honored to exhibit artwork by seniors,” said Kurt Lampe, marketing director. “Art is Ageless is unique in featuring only the works of artists age 65 and older. Our artists prove that art, in any form, is an ageless ambition.”

Winners in the Manor of the Plains Art is Ageless juried competition were:

  • Best of Show (professional): Dee Maurer, “Tower/Sculpture/3-D”
  • Best of Show (amateur): Vivian Goetz, “Summer Wine/Quilting”
  • Christmas (professional) – 1st Place: Louise Feldt, “Christmas Towels”
  • Painting (professional) – 1st Place: Mary Anne Hendrix, “3 Girls”
  • Quilting (professional) – 1st Place: Louise Feldt, “Days of the Week”
  • Quilting (professional) – 2nd Place: Louise Feldt, “Beautiful Quilt”
  • Sculpture/3D (professional) – 1st Place: Dee Maurer, “Madonna”
  • Christmas (amateur) – 1st Place: Linnette Jones, “Welcome”
  • Drawing (amateur) – 1st Place: Mary Ford, “Deer”
  • Drawing (amateur) – 2nd Place: Joanne Clark, “Owly”
  • Drawing (amateur) – 3rd Place: Mary Ford, “Panda and Cub”
  • Fiber Arts (amateur) – 1st Place: Pat Tieben, “Round Table Topper”
  • Fiber Arts (amateur) – 2nd Place: Alice Sweany, “Patriotic Ripple Afghan”
  • Fiber Arts (amateur) – 3rd Place: Pat Tieben, “Afghan-Scraps and Black Medallion”
  • Fiber Arts (amateur) – 4th Place: Alice Sweany, “Mile a Minute Scarf”
  • Mixed Media/Crafts (amateur) – 1st Place: Marci Hoffman, “Jean Jacket Enhances”
  • Mixed Media/Crafts (amateur) – 2nd Place: Marci Hoffman, “Spiffy Jacket”
  • Mixed Media/Crafts (amateur) – 3rd Place: Alice Sweany, “Star Sun Catcher”
  • Mixed Media/Crafts (amateur) – 4th Place: Alice Sweany, “Celtic Sun Catcher”
  • Painting (amateur) – 1st Place: Joanne Clark, “My Country Tis of Thee”
  • Painting (amateur) – 2nd Place: Marci Hoffman, “Tranquility”
  • Painting (amateur) – 3rd Place: Paula Sellens, “Spiritual Odyssey”
  • Painting (amateur) – 4th Place: Jere Rosson, “Sportscar”
  • Photography (amateur) – 1st Place: Sandra J. Schartz, “Melinda (Mindy) Dae Schartz”
  • Photography (amateur) – 2nd Place: Sandra J. Schartz, “Jenny’s Good Day”
  • Needlework (amateur) – 1st Place: Connie Appling, “Monday Daisys”
  • Needlework (amateur) – 2nd Place: Joan Cox, “Slippers Purple”
  • Needlework (amateur) – 3rd Place: Connie Appling, “Saturday Pansies”
  • Needlework (amateur) – 4th Place: Joan Cox, “Dickey for Neck”
  • Quilting (amateur) – 1st Place: Vivian Goetz, “Summer Wine”
  • Quilting (amateur) – 2nd Place: Vivian Goetz, “Baskets and Flowers”
  • Quilting (amateur) – 3rd Place: Kae Bryant, “Freedom Bound”
  • Quilting (amateur) – 4th Place: Jane Tyler, “Baby Lena”
  • Sculpture 3D (amateur) – 1st Place: William Herman, “Hodgeman County Barn”
  • Sculpture 3D (amateur) – 2nd Place: Vince Burghart, “N-4-Mation”

Local competition winners will join winners from 16 other Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America communities to be judged at the masterpiece level. Winning entries at the masterpiece level are selected for publication in PMMA’s annual Art is Ageless calendar and note cards.

Art is Ageless is a copyrighted program of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America. For the competition, works must have been completed in the past five years. Started in 1980, Art is Ageless is an extension of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s wellness programs, which focus on mental, physical, social and spiritual health.

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