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Robyn Pike has been taking care of the residents at Manor of the Plains for more than 20 years. Marketing Director Kurt Lampe sat down with Robyn to inquire what she could offer about staying in one place for 20 years, and absolutely loving her job. Robyn’s first answer was, “I just love taking care of people. This is something that I can see myself doing the rest of my life!”

Robyn recalls that she first worked at Arrowhead West for four years, then received an offer for a part-time job at Manor of the Plains on weekends, and then she was working at a daycare during the week, allowing her to take care of her son during the day while she worked.

Robyn started in health care at first and remembers that she actually cried the first day. She was so overwhelmed, but that didn’t last long as she began to quickly become attached to every resident she cared for. She said that she had seen they needed her as she needed them in her life. Robyn went on to obtain her CNA (Certified Nurses Aid) and then her CMA (Certified Medication Aid). One day while working, she saw a flyer for an opening in assisted living day shift. She was already working two evenings a week in assisted living and thought that she would like to apply for that position.

Robyn was concerned how she would handle the day shift with her son, daycare and school. At the time, the director allowed Robyn to bring her son with her to work and then leave to take her son whichever direction he needed to go. She is so thankful to Manor of the Plains for working with her through her everyday routine.

Robyn said that she had other opportunities to work at other places, sometime offering more money, but she was happy where she was and loved working at Manor of the Plains so much that she never considered moving, not even once. So now, 20 years have flown by, Robyn is still working the day shift, and she helps with other shifts when needed.

When asked what one of the biggest changes was in the last 20 years, Robyn said of course administration changes, but feels very strongly about how the Manor of the Plains continues to improve its care for the residents. They also encourage her to do what she does best and that is caring for all the residents like she would for her own family, after all, Robyn considers Manor of the Plains and residents as her family.

“Robyn is truly a dedicated employee and you can see that she has set the standard very high when it comes to caring for the residents,” said Kurt Lampe, marketing director. “Just stand back and watch her, it is absolutely amazing how Robyn really loves what she is doing!”

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