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Lisa and Lisa make AIA better and better

For the past 29 years, Art is Ageless has been a way for Presbyterian Manor residents and local community members to share their artistic talents and compete in some friendly competition. But setting up for the annual event is an artistic undertaking, as well. And we have two women on staff to thank for making it happen.

Whether it’s setting up the art around the community, coming up with the decorating theme or preparing the menu, Lisa Montoya and Lisa Flick get the job done.

“Prior to Lisa and Lisa, I had to give exact orders for what to do, how to do it and where to do it,” said Kurt Lampe, marketing director. “Lisa and Lisa just do it.”

As activities director for independent and assisted living, Lisa M. joined Manor of the Plains 18 years ago and has been involved with Art is Ageless since day one. She helps the residents with arts and crafts projects that may be entered into the competition and then answers questions the judges might have about a piece.

“I come up with some ideas for art activities that the residents are able to do, like creating mosaics and sun catchers,” said Lisa Montoya. “I also set up the art for judging – it’s easier for the judges if every piece in the same category is set up in the same area – and then rearrange the art for the reception by putting all of the pieces are on display throughout the living center.”

When Lisa F., dining services director, joined the staff seven years ago, she contributed her expertise to the team by creating the menu, making all the food and then coming up with how to present it each year.

“I just try to come up with something better than the year before. I’m always trying something new,” said Lisa Flick.

Not only do Lisa M. and Lisa F. share the work of putting together the AIA reception, they also share a friendship and almost a birthday.

“We’ve been friends since Lisa started here seven years ago. For Halloween, she’ll come over to my parent’s house to give out candy together. She’ll come over for supper or we’ll go out to eat. She’ll volunteer when I need help during jobs as activity director. And our birthdays are also one day apart – hers is January 3 and mine is January 4,” said Lisa M.

Lisa F. added, “We get along really good. If she bosses me, I boss her back. I keep trying to throw her out of my kitchen, but she keeps coming back!”

“Lisa and Lisa are good friends and work so well together,” said Kurt. “Between the two of them, they do a great job on both sides of the fence—food and art. They put in many hours of their own time with Art is Ageless. It is much appreciated.”

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