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Introducing Ariadna Cervantes

Ariadna Cervantes leading the morning workout routine for Assisted Living residents

In November, Manor of the Plains welcomed Ariadna Cervantes to its staff as both its new life enrichment assistant and a CMA in Assisted Living.

Prior to joining the community, Ariadna worked at another senior living community in the area and chose to join Manor of the Plains because of the quality of its staff and the atmosphere created by its leadership.

“There is just more diversity here and the staff is more of a team,” said Ariadna. “Manor of the Plains is a family-based community, they hear you out and help.”

Currently in her third month at the community, Ariadna has settled in and feels like she is now just another respected member of the team.

“The people are very friendly and they just make you feel like you’re valued,” said Ariadna.

Coming to the community in the middle of the country’s worst pandemic in over a century hasn’t been without its challenges, but Ariadna is doing her best to keep those challenges  from impacting the residents she serves.

“I miss families being able to visit the residents,” said Ariadna. “With everything shut down, you just try to make the best out of it for the residents.”

Away from work, Ariadna enjoys spending time with her six-month-old son; her boyfriend, Gary and their wienie dog, Coco.

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