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In the spotlight: Clara Contreras

Learning what it meant to be a certified nursing aide (CNA) was a pivotal moment in Clara Contreras’ life.

“Somebody told me to take a CNA class. I didn’t know what it was, but when I figured it out I really liked it,” said Clara.

After she took her first class and completed her training, a retired nurse at Manor of the Plains suggested Clara apply for a job here. She was hired in 2006.

“I’m still here, and I’m never planning to quit. Manor of the Plains is a really good place to work. Everyone tries to do their best. Our focus is on the residents and that’s what I like, too. I’m really happy doing what I’m doing right now.”

Clara currently works as a restorative aide, something she prefers over some of the responsibilities of the CNA position.

“I can be more involved with medicine and passing out medications as a CNA, but I like to be more involved with the residents. It makes me feel good. As a restorative aide I get more time with them and get to know them more. To me it’s about being more involved in their lives,” said Clara.

At home, Clara enjoys spending time with her four grandkids, three children and her husband of 29 years, Daniel Perez. She also likes to sew and cook.

In August, Clara will celebrate her 12th anniversary at PMMA. We’re also celebrating her this month as we recognize National Nursing Assistants Week June 10-17.

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