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Hard work, determination pay off for Alexandra Vielmas

There are some people who are always content with the way things are, who never take on a challenge and who see every potential obstacle as a roadblock.

And then there is Alexandra “Alex” Vielmas.

Alex first came to Manor of the Plains five years ago as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) working the night shift. It was her first exposure to the world of nursing and it was during that time that one event changed her life forever.

“Somebody had passed away and it really affected me,” said Alex “I wanted to help them and understand the process, so I learned more about the dying process and the nurse’s role.”

As a result, Alex decided that she needed to further her education.

She started the process by first studying to become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) while still continuing to work. Then, once that goal was obtained, she immediately set her sights on a new one—nursing school.

For most people, nursing school is hard enough, but Alex decided to take it on while both continuing to work at the community as needed and being pregnant with twins.

The process was a difficult one, filled with long hours and a lot of hard work, but she ultimately graduated last May—just one week after giving birth to two boys.

“Nursing school was actually harder than having twin boys,” said Alex.

Now, officially an RN, Alex says her education is still not quite finished.

“It’s all new to me. I’m brand new this year, so I still have a lot to learn,” said Alex.

One thing that helps her in her quest to continue to improve herself is the people she finds herself working with.

“Everybody’s just been so friendly and helpful,” said Alex.

And according to Alex, that team approach is especially important as the staff continues to fight the current COVID-19 crisis.

“We have a great team,” said Alex. “The staff, the activities, the nurse’s aides, we all work together—especially right now.”

PHOTO: Alex Vielmas' twin sons celebrated their first birthday last month.
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