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By Kurt Lampe, marketing director

PMMA Regional Marketing Director, Jenni Jones, sent me a text early one morning and said that she was bringing Jean Hamilton, a resident from the Salina Presbyterian Manor, with her on her visit to Manor of the Plains. Jenni is based at her home near Brookville, Kan., and Salina is just a short ways away. Jean loves to quilt and just wanted to go along for the ride.

Jenni picked up Jean at 7 a.m., and they arrived at Manor of the Plains at 10 a.m., after five road construction delays. Jean walked in with her quilting in her hand.

After some brief introductions, I showed her to a staycation room, where she could stay and quilt while Jenni and I got some work done.

She took one step in, and said, “I can't use this room, it's too dark in here,” so we ended up in the Cozy Corner, where the independent residents make coffee for themselves. Jean sat down and said, “This will work, now go about your work and don't worry about me!”

So that is what we did. Jenni told Jean we would be back at 11:10 to take her to the dining room to meet my mother, who is also a hand quilter. When we returned in an hour or so to take our guest to meet my mom at the dining room, she wasn't there.

We started looking for her. First we checked the staycation. She wasn’t there. Next, we headed to the dining room, and there she was with my mom. My mom happened to walk past the Cozy Corner, saw Jean quilting and went in and to see what she was doing … They ended up spending the rest of the day together. You could tell they really enjoyed each other’s company.

I think Jenni has a new traveling partner to Dodge City. We all took the opportunity to take a picture at the dinner table so each could remember the day of great memories they had.

Friendships are only a quilt away.

PHOTO: Pictured left to right, Jean Hamilton, Salina Presbyterian Manor resident; Jenny Jones, regional marketing director; Patty Lampe, Kurt Lampe's mom; Kurt Lampe, marketing director for Manor of the Planes; and Lydia Orringderff, Patty’s dinner partner.

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