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Artist’s experiment with new medium an award-winning success

Linda Kobs’ career as an artist has taken many shapes and forms over the years and has utilized a wide variety of mediums.

“My first love was oil painting,” said Linda. “Then I went into acrylics which was a lot faster because oil paints take so long to dry,” said Linda.

Recently Linda decided to mix things up yet again by experimenting with gouache, an opaque, water-based paint that’s similar to watercolor.

“I just liked the vibrant colors I got with it, and it was fun to use something different,” said Linda.

One of the first paintings Linda created with gouache was a piece entitled, “Just Hanging Out,” which is this year’s Art is Ageless best of show winner in the amateur category. She entered through Manor of the Plains.

Linda began painting back in the late 80s but put it on hold to raise four children and work as a community librarian.

“After I retired, I finally had the time to pursue it again,” said Linda. “It’s kind of a hobby, I’m busy with everything but I really enjoy that creative outlet.”

Part of what keeps Linda busy is her life on the family farm.

“We’ve been here about 57 years, so I have a lot of responsibility—a lot of yard work.”

But it’s those surroundings that often inspire Linda’s work.

“I like to paint wildlife, animals and birds—that’s what really appeals to me, and I have a lot of sparrows and bird feeders in my yard—it’s just something in my daily environment,” said Linda.

Linda has had the honor of being featured in the Art is Ageless calendar in the past and believes it can play an important role in the lives of seniors.

“I think it’s wonderful to make it important for senior citizens to continue their passions—their creativity—and it’s nice to recognize them in that way,” said Linda.

And Linda says, for her, that recognition goes a long way.

“I feel very special and grateful for the recognition, it helps inspire me to keep it on,” said Linda.

So, what’s next?

“I’m working on a longhorn steer with a windmill. If I can get it finished, I’ll enter it next year,” said Linda.

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