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Alverna Cantrell and her intensive care unit

As the former owner of Humble Flowers for more than 35 years, Alverna Cantrell has a history with plants and flowers and her knack for bringing sick plants back to life has amazed residents and staff alike with her “doctoring” abilities.  

Surprisingly, Alverna only has one plant of her own (which happens to be 19 and a half years old) but has many in her “intensive care unit.”  When she worked in her floral shop, Alverna’s favorite thing to do was design arrangements with fresh flowers.  

Alverna also has quite a beautiful vinegar cruet collection. She started collecting in 1968 and she has cruets from all over the United States and overseas.  

“When we went on a trip my friends shopped for clothes, but not me, I found antique shops and shopped for cruets,” said Alverna. “I have dime store cruets, sentimental cruets, and valuable cruets.”

One of Alverna’s friends gifted her with her first cruet which started her “cruet fever.” Now Alverna can answer everything you want to know them. She says that red cruets are the most valuable because they are fired with gold. Some of the brands she has are Westmoreland, Fenton, Hobnail and Burmese. Alverna stated that she had to downsize her collection in half and her daughter now has the other half.  

Alverna is proud of her collection and invites everyone to stop by and check out the wonderful world of cruets. If you do, plan on spending an hour as you will be amazed!

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