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All in a day’s work

The Saturday before Easter of this year, Linda Horton fell at her home in Dodge City and broke her back.

“The doctor glued me back together, but he must have made a mistake and used crazy glue because I’ve been nuts ever since,” said Linda.

To recover, Linda was taken to Manor of the Plains where she stayed for three weeks.

“I enjoyed every day I was there. The people and the aides were always very polite and kind. They would do anything to make me more comfortable.”

But more than just healing her body, Linda also found her soul was enlightened with a relationship she developed with Manor of the Plains marketing director, Kurt Lampe.

“He walked in one day and told me what his position was. We just hit it off. His personality is golden. He’s a Christian, he loves his family and he loves dogs,” said Linda.

For Kurt, meeting Linda was just one of the things he loves about his job.

“Linda was a ray of sunshine and when we started talking about dogs, I knew we’d be friends for life!” said Kurt.

Linda is now home and going to physical therapy, but she and Kurt continue to stay in touch. In fact, Linda recently shared her experience at Manor of the Plains on Instagram, saying that Kurt was “God’s welcoming committee!”

“Linda is a sweetheart and I’m truly lucky that meeting her was all in a day’s work,” said Kurt.

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