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A patriotic ‘Sip ’n Paint’

In honor of Fourth of July, Manor of the Plains Executive Director Tammy Thompson brought together a group of women for a special, “Independent Ladies,” edition of the community’s Sip ’n Paint art series.

Those who participated included Donna Imel, Donna Penner, Joyce Rumbaugh, Ella Mae Dale, Shirley Ballard, Martha Gray, and Ariadna Cervantes from the community’s Life Enrichment department.

The following is a sampling of some of the comments overheard during this fun-filled, creative session.

“My trees look like broccoli.”  

“My trees look like wheat or weeds—we do live in Kansas!”  

“I gotta get a long way away from it for it to look good!”  

“If you put your name on it, write it poorly so no one will know whose it is!”  

“I’m going to take mine home and put a thingy on it and hang it on the wall.”  

Although maybe the best quote of the day came from Tammy who said, “Each and every one of these paintings have character.”

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